Fall's cool temperatures provide a great environment to complete your annual property maintenance tasks. The change of weather is a useful reminder to start any maintenance to-do's that you may have been lingering on. The following are some tasks not to leave off your list.

Annual Property Maintenance Tasks

Ice Dam Prevention

Fall colors may appear gorgeous, but when they get stuck in guttersresulting damages will be not so visually appealing. The more often you clear your gutters, the less work it will take to keep clean. Furthermore, it will be easier to call a professional to take care of this on your behalf.

Power Wash Everything

Pollen and dirt can accumulate on exterior surfaces during the summer months. The quickest method to clean it is with a power washer. Before beginning, make sure that you have the right spray power for the material you are cleaning. Hook the power washer to a hose and start spraying. Your property will be clean in no time.

Cut and Trim

Survey the trees around your home for any loose limbs that could result in property damage when there is heavy snow or ice. Trim away excessive shrubbery and keep them a distance away from buildings. Wait until late fall to cut spring-flowering plants to avoid cutting away next spring's flowers.

Seed Your Lawn

Improving your lawn is a great way to retain home value. Autumn is a great time to feed and reseed your lawn for the next spring. Before you begin, mow the grass one last time.

Check Heating Systems

Have your systems serviced every year. This routine task will boost your furnace's performance and lower utility costs. It can also lengthen the life of a furnace.

Locate Drafts

Getting your furnace serviced can save money, but not if heat is escaping outdoors! Check for air leaks around windows and doors. Add caulk as needed to prevent heat from leaking out. For older windows that are impossible to caulk, think about buying plastic sealing kits sold at local retailers.

Clean Chimneys

You don't need to call the fire department when you first use your chimney come winter. A chimney sweep can take care of creosite buildup. This may also identify other problems with your chimney and allow you to repair them before they become a costly repair.

Why It Is Important

Your annual property maintenance tasks should not be forgotten. They do not simply refresh your property, but they also prevent future problems and, in the end, save you time and money. For future home repair ideas, subscribe to this website.