Pre-closing Checklist For Home Sellers in Massachusetts

Moving is a very hectic time. You may forget about some last minute items. The pre-closing checklist for Massachusetts sellers below may ensure a smooth transition.

Cancel Utility Service

Contact each utility provider to notify them of your upcoming termination. Most need sufficient notice for cancellation in order to schedule a final meter reading. You will need to send back hardware for some. You might not get this information until you speak to them, so try not to wait until closing day.

Contact Your Lender

If your mortgage payment contains amounts for real estate taxes, then your lender has an escrow account to track the money. When the tax bill is paid, the money is removed from that escrow account. If your closing will occur around the same date that a bill is scheduled to be paid, you should tell your lender not to pay it. The same bill may be included in your closing costs, leading to an over payment. Double check this with the closing attorney to make sure. It can be a cumbersome procedure to get that money returned or you might not notice the error and lose money as a result. Typically, any funds left in your account are refunded to you after the loan is paid off.

Fill Out USPS Paperwork To Forward Mail

You may inform the postal service in advance of your address change. This can be done at a local branch or via the Internet. Be aware that there are two different services available. A straight-forward change of address includes only a minimal fee of a few dollars when processed online. There is an enhanced option that costs more but may not be needed when forwarding addresses. You must still let everyone know about your new address. USPS forwarding services continues for a finite period of.

Pre-closing Checklist For Massachusetts Sellers

The pre-closing checklist for Massachusetts sellers shared above contains merely some of the major ones to include. For additional to-dos for selling a property, consult your real estate broker. He or she will assist you through the entire process.